Waters NuGenesis Lab Management System uniquely combines synergistic data, workflow, and sample management capabilities to support the entire product lifecycle from discovery through manufacturing.

The user-centric platform encompasses NuGenesis SDMS, a compliant-ready data repository, NuGenesis ELN, a flexible analytical electronic laboratory notebook, and NuGenesis Sample Management. NuGenesis seamlessly links data from the lab to the business operations of the enterprise with functionality such as sample submission and results review, stability testing, scientific search, multi-vendor software connection, laboratory inventories, data retention and legal hold, and laboratory execution methods.

NuGenesis readily adapts to your organizations existing Informatics environments, facilitating software integration and standardization without the complex, costly, and time consuming deployments often encountered with traditional information management solutions.

  1. Power of Two
    Using the NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), laboratories are able to automatically archive and search information from their Empower3 Chromatography Data Software (CDS).
  2. NuGenesis ELN
    A flexible analytical electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that supports existing R&D and process-driven quality control workflows. ELN optimizes the utilization of information collected in the NuGenesis SDMS data repository.
  3. NuGenesis Sample Management
    A comprehensive suite of tools (i.e., sample submission and results review, stability testing, and multi-vendor software connection) specifically designed to more effectively manage sample centric workflows.
  4. NuGenesis SDMS
    An automated electronic repository and data management system where scientific data is intelligently aggregated, reliably stored, and easily accessed, offering integration with a multitude of research applications.