From a common, low-pressure bulk supply or cryogenic dewar, the Bulk CO2 Delivery System (BDS 500 Gas Delivery System) enables the user to deliver high pressure CO2 flow rates without noisy pneumatic pumps. In addition to supplying a steady flow of carbon dioxide to multiple instruments, the advantages of this package include a quieter electric motor driven pump, coriolis mass flow meter for flow monitoring from the supply and a large storage vessel for high-pressure carbon dioxide.

The storage vessel is equipped with a level sensor that maintains desired carbon dioxide level while eliminating pressure fluctuations. The control system features an easy-to-use touch screen interface that requires minimal attention. The user can receive detailed system operating parameters including consumption from the bulk supply at this interface along with diagnostic information. One or more cryogenic dewars can be manifolded for large intervals between supply changes. The safety features include automated shutdown, emergency stop, relief valves, and vent lines that can be safely piped away from the system. Finally, unlike other CO2 supply systems, Waters' BDS provides the user with total consumption data to maximize CO2 use per dewar based on mass flow.

BDS 500 Gas Delivery System specifications:

Demand flow rate: Liquid CO2 at 500 grams/min max
Pressure delivery: 60 to 65 bar at outlet (demand)
Inlet pressure: 17.5 bar (250 psi) min
Inlet temperature: -20 °C (normal dewar temperature)
Max. bulk supply distance: 10 feet
Sensors: Flow meter, flow switch, pressure, and temperature
Safety: Relief valves and sensor monitoring