Waters® ChromScope™ Software, for use on Waters supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) purification systems, enables fully automated instrument control and facilitates the process of developing SFC methods and purifying samples.

Its simple work-flow-based architecture and intuitive user-friendly interface makes routine chromatographic analysis, reporting, and fraction collection easy. Simple wizards guide users through a stepwise process of creating new sequences, including method screening, purification, and calibration curve building.

ChromScope Software can be used with systems configured for method development and purification and is available with Waters Method Station and Investigator SFC Systems.

Data Analysis and Reporting
ChromScope Software supports both manual and automatic integration for processing chromatograms allowing you to:
Set common integration parameters and report layouts for data files to be processed in batch.
Print batch reports according to the individual integration and report settings of each data file.
Easily print reports with chromatogram and data grid information to a PDF file or installed printer.
Select Quick or Custom Reports:
Quick Reports have predefined layouts and fields.
Custom Reports can create/edit/apply a report template to a date set to define the report layout.
Build and print a calibration curve based on either height or area. Supported calibration curve types are; linear, linear through origin, quadratic, and segmented.
Data Security and Compliance
ChromScope Software was designed under GxP guidelines so that data traceability is assured. Secure user accounts may be added as needed, so that all changes and generated data are digitally signed by the user performing the work.