About Us

Our work servicing the lab supplies started in 1987, through deferent Jordanian companies, and many international suppliers.
As our pharmaceutical manufacturing are pioneer among our Arab world, we found the need to concentrate and develop a specific line of laboratory supply which is the HPLC systems, we started in 1995 with one of the worldwide leading company in this field, Waters, which was very generous to give many trainings seminars and support over years not only to her representatives in Jordan but also to all Jordanian sectors dealing with LC separation, to understand LC and work up to worldwide standards.
Waters had raised the bar worldwide in 2004 by its innovation of the UPLC, as well as its continuous development of Mass technology.
Our Jordanian customers received our training and support are among the highly specialized and educated in this field, and we could see them today acting as senior stuff in pharmaceuticals industry, not only in Jordan but spreads in all Arab world.
We are proud to contribute in our pharmaceutical industry success, with a promise to continue working with our customers as partners, as we believe that their success is our success.