Determines the identity, purity, and stability of biopharmaceutical products from peptide maps or intact proteins.
Product Details

BiopharmaLynx™ automates the processing and interpretation of biopharmaceutical product LC/MS data, enabling you to characterize your products:

Automatically process your accurate mass MS data, including peptide map results and intact mass measurements
Automatically analyze and assign results, define the sequence and features of known proteins and determine the identity of modified forms
Allow your users to edit assignments, annotate new peaks and compare experimental samples with a reference using visualization and tabular tools
Automatically generate biopharmaceutical-specific reports from templates
Peptide Mapping

Identify and quantify ions in a peptide map, including intra- and inter-sample relative quantitation
Assign ions to expected and modified peptides from a defined protein sequence, determining sequence coverage and ID-modified peptides
Intact Proteins

Define deconvolution settings for known proteins and as generic for unknown proteins.
Annotate deconvoluted mass data with protein identities and their modifications
Automatically calculate percentages of each protein variant

MassLynx Software
BiopharmaLynx Application Manager

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