ProteinLynx Global SERVER (PLGS)

A mass-informatics platform for quantitative and qualitative proteomics research and the central analytical platform for Waters proteomics systems.
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Quantitative and Qualitative Proteomics Research Platform

ProteinLynx Global SERVER™ (PLGS) is a fully integrated Mass-Informatics™ platform for quantitative and qualitative proteomics research. It is the central analytical platform for Waters proteomics systems.

PLGS leverages the selectivity of exact mass measured data and the specificity of MSE analysis. Combined with intelligent filtering and scoring routines, this minimizes the occurrence of false positive results.

PLGS is based on open/pluggable system architecture, providing scalable, automated workflow for your high-throughput data processing and data interpretation. PLGS also includes project and database management tools with integrated results visualization and reporting.

Import sample information and data into PLGS through XML (mzData supported), which provides integration of the PLGS toolset into a LIMS or Data Management System such as Waters NuGenesis SDMS. The PLGS custom report generation utility also allows you to produce publication-ready result reports.

IdentityE for Confident Protein Identification

PLGS features comprehensive peptide ion accounting informatics that mines deeper into your label-free UPLC/MSE data. Identify more peptides/proteins with greater sequence coverage and statistical rigor than conventional LC/MS/MS methods.

ExpressionE for Label-free Quantitation

PLGS features XML based informatics to support complete data processing and integrated qualitative and quantitative results reporting of your labeled data, together with potential marker identification and exporting to data visualization platforms.

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