Prep 15 SFC Purification System

The Waters Prep 15 SFC System is a powerful tool that provides high-throughput, semi-preparative purification and analytical screening.
Product Details

Prep 15 SFC Purification System

Standard PDA detection allowing optional add-on detection capability providing flexible configuration options, such as UV-ELSD or UV-MS. The addition of ELSD ensures chromatographic separation of non-chromophores missed by PDA; the addition of mass detection provides mass confirmation for unknowns.
Automated sample handling accommodates both sample injection and fraction collection within a single, open-bed format.
Automated column switching and temperature control of up to 10 columns allowing for inherent flexibility, versatility, and smooth operation.
FractionLynx™ Application Manager for MassLynx® Software to monitor the preparative runs, trigger fraction collection and keep records of purification/fractions.
Typical throughput in 24 hours 180-240 samples/ per day


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