Waters Fraction Manager - Analytical

The Waters Fraction Manager (WFM-A) is an analytical fraction collector for UPLC systems that minimizes fraction loss and carryover to better manage low volume peaks and allows for efficient collection of small amounts of material for further assays.
Product Details

The only fraction manager specifically designed to accurately collect fractions from high efficiency UPLC separations

Designed specifically to collect the narrow and closely eluting compounds found with UPLC separations.
Developed on the ACQUITY UPLC platform, the industry standard for innovative and reliable technology, the WFM-A integrates seamlessly into ACQUITY UPLC H-Class and Alliance HPLC systems.
The ideal solution for your biopharmaceutical, impurity isolation, metabolite, and natural product applications.

Fraction Manager – Analytical Instrument Specifications
Waters Fraction Manager-Analytical Product Solution

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