XSelect Columns

CSH and HSS Columns improve selectivity and offers the highest performance for basic compounds in the acidic, low ionic strength mobile phases for HPLC. CSH chemistries are C18, Phenyl-Hexyl, Fluoro-Phenyl, for HSS, C18, C18 SB, T3, PFP, Cyano.
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Selectivity Matters

XSelect™ HPLC Columns are designed for scientists who routinely perform chromatographic method development. These chromatographic columns provide a diverse selection of sorbents to help separate the most difficult analyte co-elutions.

XSelect Columns are:

Designed for selectivity – improve your ability to separate co-eluting peaks
Ideal for rapid method development – reduce the time and cost spent developing methods
Intended for isolation and purification – highest analyte mass loading available

XSelect HSS Cyano HPLC Columns
XSelect HSS PFP HPLC Columns

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