MassLynx MS Software

A fundamental platform to acquire, analyze, manage, and share mass spectrometry information
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Acquire, Analyze, Manage, and Share Mass Spectrometry Information

MassLynx™ Software increases the speed at which you can convert your sample data into valuable knowledge. It provides you with the fundamental platform to acquire, analyze, manage, and share your mass spectrometry information.

MassLynx intelligently controls any Waters mass spectrometry system, from sample and solvent management components to mass spectrometer and auxiliary detectors. MassLynx Software may acquire nominal mass, exact mass, MS/MS and exact mass MS/MS data.

MassLynx’s Sample List is the core of the system. It maintains and consolidates the data on all of your samples. You also initiate any activities related to your sample from the Sample List. This "sample centric" approach simplifies the interaction with your LC/MS or GC/MS system, acquired data and processed results.

Process Application-specific Data

MassLynx Software features general purpose and specialized Application Managers that provide information for your specific MS analyses and data. One comes as standard with MassLynx:

OpenLynx™ for qualitative screening and identification
Optional Application Managers can perform:

Targeted quantitative analysis
Mass-directed purification
Metabolite identification
Deconvolution of complex chromatograms
Metabonomics & metabolomics
Protein identification and protein characterization

MassLynx Software

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