2465 Electrochemical Detector for HPLC Systems

Provides sensitivity for a variety of applications needs. It is configurable with a variety of flow cells for variable volumes, reference electrodes and working electrodes.
Product Details

The Waters 2465 Electrochemical Detector combines sensitivity, reliability, and simplicity for HPLC electrochemical detection. Its versatile detection modes are ideally suited for analyzing a wide range of compounds. The 2465 Electrochemical Detector’s multiple flow-cell configuration combines working and reference electrode designs to minimize cost and enhance flexibility. The flow cell accommodates several reference electrodes: ISAAC; traditional salt-bridge design, which limits air bubble formation; and Hy-Ref, which is ideal for carbohydrate analysis and is compatible with extreme mobile phases. The detector is designed for ultra-trace analysis and is compatible with both analytical and microbore scale applications.


Multiple detection modes, including direct current, pulsed amperometric, and scanning
Easier maintenance with front-mounted flow cell for simple cleaning and assembly
Stabilized temperature for better accuracy with the integral flow cell and column heater compartment
Faraday-shielded oven with thermal operating stability and reduced noise and drift characteristics
Electrode options for a variety of applications


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