TrendPlot for MassLynx Software charts long-term system performance. Perform statistical analysis – identify outliers within a sample run, or spot trends in historical data across many sample runs.
Product Details

Chart long-term system performance with TrendPlot™. TrendPlot for MassLynx™ Software has been developed as one of several integrated workflow innovations for analytical chemical laboratories.

Key features

Uses both QuanLynx™ and TargetLynx™ application manager datasets directly, with no need to compile results.
Automatically plot control charts from the datasets, with the flexibility to plot multiple control charts for selected sample types and selected compounds for any measured or calculated result.
Existing control charts are updated with new results by simply dragging the new batch dataset into TrendPlot.
Performs statistical analysis, displayed graphically on the charts, allowing outliers to be easily identified within a sample run, or trends spotted in historical data across many sample runs.

Key benefits

Easy, immediate review of results.
Highlight process errors, determine measurement uncertainty, estimate limits of detection, and compare methods or chemists.
Provides the analyst with decision criteria for when action needs to be taken, eliminating the guesswork.
Provides insight into the root causes behind sudden or gradual changes in process outputs.

Improved Ease-of-Use and Robustness for Food and Water Testing by Mass Spectrometry

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