Empower 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM)

Empower 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM) allows you to perform chromatographic method validation from protocol planning through final reporting in one application.
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Automated Chromatographic Method Validation

Empower™ 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM), an option for Empower 3 Chromatography Software, allows you to perform chromatographic method validation, from protocol planning through final reporting, in one application.

With Empower 3 MVM you can automatically:

Manage method validation workflow in one comprehensive, automated application
Clearly display the status of ongoing validation studies – enabling you to see at what step each individual validation parameter is in the method validation process
Perform all result and statistical calculations in Empower 3, eliminating time-consuming data transfer to spreadsheets and the associated problems of transcription errors and security concerns
Perform multi-component analyses and batch processing of method validation results
Generate reports with standardized templates
Empower 3 MVM provides a number of benefits to both the laboratory and organization, including:

Cut method validation time and costs as much as 80% by eliminating manual steps in your current method validation process.
Satisfy compliance requirements more easily while significantly improving data traceability.
Eliminate the use of separate software applications during method validation.
Automate, streamline, and simplify the method validation workflow.
Easily determine if your data adheres to your method validation requirements and that your results are within specification.
Store your method validation data securely and in one database.

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