For high-throughput targeted quantification and confirmation analyses, complete with a full-range of automatic quality control checks
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The TargetLynx™ Application Manager automates sample data acquisition, processing and reporting for quantitative results. It incorporates a range of confirmatory checks that identify samples that fall outside user-specified or regulatory thresholds.

Identify Non-compliant Samples

TargetLynx rapidly identifies and flags samples where:

Analytes are above a specified maximum reporting level (MRL)
Analyte confirmatory ion ratios are outside specified limits
One or more analyte signal-to-noise ratios are below a defined value
An analyte retention time or relative retention time is outside limits
An analyte concentration is below set LOD and LOQ thresholds
The standard deviation of response for QC standards exceeds a defined value
The blank response is too high
The coefficient of determination (r2) of the calibration curve exceeds a defined value

Use TargetLynx to quantify and confirm both LC/MS & LC/MS/MS and GC/MS & GC/MS/MS data. This data may be selected ion monitoring (SIM), multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), or full scan/full spectrum. In the case of full scan/spectrum data, extracted ion chromatograms are used for quantification.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The demand by regulatory authorities for assurance of confirmation in quantitative analysis continues to increase. To ensure cost-effective compliance, TargetLynx offers software that gives you confidence in your results and eliminates time-consuming, costly manual checks.

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