ACQUITY UPLC Refractive Index Detector

Low-dispersion detection for the isocratic analysis of analytes that lack a UV chromophore, such as in the analysis of polymers. Delivers high sensitivity, baseline stability and repeatable integration of narrow UPLC peaks.
Product Details

Low-dispersion, refractive index detection for UPLC and APC

Universal detection of analytes without a UV chromophore that are separated by isocratic analysis
Full compatibility with a wide range of challenging solvents
Low-dispersion characteristics for the narrow peaks produced by ACQUITY UPLC and ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) systems
Low baseline drift due to a thermally isolated optics bench and highly efficient temperature equilibration of the incoming eluent

ACQUITY Refractive Index Detector Instrument Specification
ACQUITY Refractive Index Detector Product Solution

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