Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software

Waters’ flagship chromatography data software (CDS) provides enhanced tools for the chromatographer, non-chromatographer, administrators, and IT.
Product Details

Simplify the way you collect, manage, and report chromatography test results with Empower™ 3 Software. Empower 3 is Waters’ compliant-ready chromatography data software (CDS) package for advanced data acquisition, management, processing, reporting, and distribution.

Simplify Data Acquisition, Processing, and Reporting

Designed for a data-secured, regulated lab environment, Empower 3 will help your lab perform more efficiently and securely:

Store and retrieve chromatography data using an embedded, relational database; simplifying data retrieval by searching using criteria that is meaningful to you.
Save time, reduce manual integration, and calculate more precise peak integrations with Empower 3’s ApexTrack™ algorithm.
Easily control Waters ACQUITY UPLC® and Alliance® HPLC systems, as well as non-Waters HPLC, GC, PDA, and MS systems.
Achieve more enhanced detection capabilities when using Waters mass detectors or the Waters Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector.
Grow seamlessly from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide system with Empower 3’s scalable, modular architecture, which fits into the most modern, secure, HA (high availability) corporate architecture.
Options That Match the Way You Work

With Empower 3 Software, you can multi-task with ease – no need for multiple software packages. Three intuitive interfaces help anyone in your lab work more efficiently. Choose the option that matches the way you work, and you’re up and running in just a few clicks:

Acquire data and control a variety of instruments, including HPLC, UPLC, and GC.
Apply advanced detection techniques such as MS and PDA without outsourcing to a third party.
Deploy applications such as dissolution, method validation, integrated chemical structures and polymer or size exclusion analysis.

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