Automate the processing of LC/MS, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, or GC/MS/MS data allowing for the detection, identification, and semi-quantitative determination of components in complex mixtures.
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Automate Data Processing of Complex Unknowns

The ChromaLynx™ Application Manager automates the processing of LC/MS, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, or GC/MS/MS data. ChromaLynx helps you rapidly detect, identify and semi-quantitatively determine all the components in your complex mixtures. ChromaLynx provides you with the ability to:

Detect and locate the maximum number of components in the sample
Identify the maximum number of components in the sample
Estimate component concentrations
Compare samples with controls to identify common and unique components
Deconvolute Chromatograms

The ChromaLynx chromatographic deconvolution algorithm lets you locate, peak detection and extract clean mass spectra of closely eluting components in complex mixtures.

Search Libraries

Automatically search deconvoluted mass spectra against commercially available libraries or libraries you have built yourself. With accurate mass MS instruments, the resulting elemental composition calculations may give you added confirmation of the library search results.

Confirm Accurate Mass Results

ChromaLynx uses accurate mass library scoring to verify the elemental composition of significant ions in the spectrum of an unknown sample component when compared with potential compounds in a library match.

Determine Semi-Quantitative Concentrations

ChromaLynx generates a percentage figure corresponding to the peak area of the component relative to the total sample peak area or to that of a user selected component peak.

Compare Chromatograms

ChromaLynx enables automatic deconvolution of complex chromatograms, comparison and the generation of a list of unique (or common) components that then undergo an automated library search for identification. Data is then available for easy review in the dedicated ChromaLynx comparison browser.

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